Veolia offers hope after MTA


Understandably, any editorial will express an opinion that promotes a point of view.

However some perspective and balance should be evident. Otherwise one is simply grinding an ax without informing or persuading.

Leaving aside errors of fact, the chauvinistic tone of the subject editorial is embarrassing.

Veolia (previously Compagnie Generale des Eaux ) Environment is a French multinational engaged in water treatment, waste management, energy delivery and transportation services; employing 350,000 world wide with a presence in 74 countries. Its common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and last year’s gross revenue exceeded $55 Billion.

Arguably, it must be doing something right. Veoila Transportation operates bus and rail systems in 29 countries including the USA where it manages networks in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle and D.C., among others.

While the parent company is domiciled in Paris, the unit that operates in these cities is an American company.

Compared to the chronic abysmal performance of our absurd Tommy the Trolley, a.ka, the MTA; Veolia ought to be embraced with hugs, kisses and have flowers strewn in its path rather than be the object of bewildering remarks such as “Will riders have to write to Paris if they have a complaint?” And “If a French company gets this contract, it’s only fair that SMG, who manages the Coliseum, get the contract to manage the Eiffel Tower.”

In response to the first, the answer is obviously no while the response to the second is, ?????

As for Mr. Wink, a relentlessly whiney Democrat, perpetually aggrieved over any political act not initiated by him; his complaints are predictable.

The reality is simple. We are in for a long period of retrenchment in our country before we get our economic house in order. Even Albany has gotten the message, praise the Lord. The old ways are headed for the trash bin, with their partisans cursing, kicking and screaming. Let them.

Long overdue change is coming which produces fear and loathing among old guard mandarins who see only danger, never opportunity.

Wisconsin has been ground zero for this type of hysterics. Ignore the naysayers.

Change refreshes the psyche. Welcome Veolia. We might even learn a thing or two.

Tom Coffey



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