Voices for Veterans to hold concert in New Hyde Park

Voices for Veterans to hold concert in New Hyde Park
Voices for Veterans, an organization that puts on shows and raises money for veterans, is coming to New Hyde Park for the first time on Wednesday. (Photo courtesy of Voices for Veterans via Facebook)

Voices for Veterans, an organization centered around honoring veterans through music, is bringing their nation-wide act to New Hyde Park for the first time.

Fifteen local veterans will be honored under the stars as part of the outdoor concert, sponsored by Northwell Health, on Aug. 1 at 7:30 p.m. in Memorial Park.

Dr. Robert Goebel, founder of Voices for Veterans, said audiences always love the concert.

“They’re eating this up,” said Goebel, a chiropractor in New Hyde Park. “Everyone wants to help veterans.”

The free concert features two hours of songs centered around veterans from all different eras, from 60s rock to modern music, Goebel said.

Those willing to make donations to Voices for Veterans can do so next Wednesday, and can also purchase t-shirts to help the organization raise money for veteran causes, Goebel said.

The group raised nearly $10,000 at a concert in October held at Molloy College’s Madison Theater. That money was given to two Long Island veteran organizations, Women in the Military and Nassau County United Veterans Self-Help Residency Program Inc., and to a Nassau Community College scholarship fund for veterans, in February.

Dr. Robert Goebel and his Voices for Veterans organization raised nearly $10,000 for veterans groups at a concert in October. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Goebel)

Goebel produces and runs the show. He also plays the keyboard, bass and guitar during the show, he said.

“It’s an amazing thing, because I do a lot of music, and to be able to do music for veterans is just exciting,” Goebel said. “And to be able to do it at this professional level, this is probably the best thing I’ve ever produced.”

Goebel has never served in the army himself, but has strong ties to the veteran community. His father, uncles and father-in-law all served.

The organization serves two purposes: entertaining veterans and bringing awareness to issues facing those who served.

“We got started with just trying to figure out what the veterans needed,” Goebel said. From there, “one thing snowballed into another” and the organization now regularly puts on shows for veterans.

In addition to next Wednesday’s show in New Hyde Park, the group will perform a one hour show on Aug. 4 at Eisenhower Park.

Goebel said people seem to “flock to the show” and want to help the cause.

“Just to be a part of this thing is great because we love our veterans, and to be able to do music for veterans, which I love, is a double hit for me,” Goebel said.

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