Vote for Parente for EW trustee


We are writing this letter in strong support for Bonnie Parente for village trustee.

She is a very focused, driven and organized working professional as well as a loving mother, mentor and friend. Bonnie is a very dedicated person who has a proven track record as a successful labor attorney as well as the most devoted and creative girl scout and boy scout leader you will ever meet. She is an enthusiastic individual who brings great zest and energy to everything she does.

A village board needs professionals who are comfortable and able to communicate effectively to deal with local issues and to be a vibrant force in dealing with Albany and all its nuances.

Bonnie has the background, ability, and desire to work with all the constituencies of a vibrant village. She loves East Williston and would use her vast knowledge and experience in the best interests of the village residents.

Please support Bonnie Parente and her team of Bobby Shannon and Dave Tanner.

McCauley Family

East Williston


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