Weber’s Science Olympiads place twice in top five

Weber’s Science Olympiads place twice in top five
Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School's two Science Olympiad teams both placed in the top five at the regional competition. (Photo by Jessica Parks)

Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School’s two Science Olympiad teams placed in the top five against 40 other teams at regionals in February.

The 38 Olympians not only shone as a team, ranked as second and fourth, but they also brought home close to 30 medals for their individual competitions.

Students were the top three finishers in Anatomy and Physiology, Battery Buggy, Density Lab, Elastic Launch Glider, Game On, Heredity, Parasitology, Potions and Poisons, Road Scholar, and Write It Do It.

The team of sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders participated in 24 events.

Weber was the only school in Nassau County to have two teams place in the top five.

Marshall Huron, sixth-grader placed in the Water Quality event, where he said he had “to determine the quality of water using a variety of environmental factors.”

He built his own hydrometer which he said he tested on the salt water outside of Weber.

Sixth-grader Naomi Caplan said Huron made a hydrometer that he made her “test a bajillion times.”

Yasmeen Munoz, a seventh-grader, said she likes working with people and that “you don’t have to go in a room scared you have to take the test alone.”

Caplan said she participated in three events and she said she liked that she didn’t have to do everything for those events alone.

Nyra Mehra, sixth-grader, said she liked that before the events all of the teammates were there to calm her nerves.

Coach CarrieAnn Lindstadt-Iurka said that many of the students have been on the team for consecutive years.

Other coaches of the program include Christopher Buchman, Helen Hatzignatiou and Scott VanKurin.

Principal Chris Shields said the students have carried on Weber’s long-running history of great Science Olympiad teams.

Despite both of Weber’s teams being eligible, only one team of 15 students will be able to move on to the state competition.

The New York State Science Olympiad Division B Competition will be on April 5-6 at East Syracuse-Minoa High School in Syracuse.

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