Young Great Neck musicians a source of pride


Several weeks ago, I stumbled across a concert by the Great Neck South High School Orchestra on cable television (channel 75) and was entranced and incredibly impressed.  The level of musicianship here is phenomenal!  The orchestra sounded like a semi-professional or professional orchestra – not like a group of high school students.

There are some very brief audio clips of some GN South High School musicians on the Great Neck South High website, playing excerpts from difficult pieces such as the Mendelssohn violin concerto – see  I’m hoping that the orchestra will put some of its full concerto and symphony concerts onto you-tube, so that everyone who missed the concerts can easily enjoy these students’ beautiful playing. 

Great Neck North also has a recent history of graduating wonderful musicians, including the Carpenter family – violinists Sean and Lauren and now world-famous violist David Carpenter (first prize winner of the 2006 Naumberg competition; I was thrilled to see David’s Carnegie Hall debut several years ago). 

We’re so fortunate to have such wonderful young musicians here.


Elizabeth Berney, Esq.

Great Neck


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