North Shore Middle School holds Everyone Matters, Everyone Cares, Everyone Learns Day

Photo by Shelly Newman

On Nov. 20, the day before Thanksgiving break, North Shore Middle School celebrated E3 Day.

Everyone Matters, Everyone Cares, Everyone Learns (E3) has been the middle school ethos for a number of years. Annually on E3 Day, middle school students are encouraged to learn about themselves and others while thinking about ways they can make a positive difference in their school, community and in places around the world.

“E3 Day 2018 began with the Annual Thanksgiving breakfast,” principal Rob Dennis said. “Our students were served a buffet-style breakfast, prepared by our faculty. All of our students brought in canned goods that are being donated to local food shelters. An all school assembly was then held in the North Shore High School theatre where students listened to Gian Paul Gonzalez, who has traveled the world as a motivational speaker.

He was a college basketball player and turned down a professional career to proudly teach at-risk students as a high school teacher in Union City. His “All In” rally message was widely known to lead the New York Giants to their Super Bowl victory. His inspirational talks have made him an internationally renowned speaker for NBA, NFL, and Barclay’s English Premiere League & Fortune 500 organizations. Not to mention also inspiring the students, faculty and staff of North Shore Middle School on E3 day!

During the course of the day, students, faculty and staff engaged in numerous activities and fundraising events. Some of these included the following:

  • Cards of Love and Support for Hospitalized Children
  • Peace Rock Garden
  • Raking a Difference
  • Together We Rise
  • Turkey Bowl
  • Pedone Basketball
  • Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club
  • E3 Bake Sale
  • MS Garden Club/Beautification
  • Mural Painting
  • Tappen Beach Clean-Up
  • Read-A-Thon
  • Pond-O-Thon
  • Elementary Teachers
  • Singing to Glen Cove Senior Citizens
  • Cookies for Kindness

Principal Dennis said, “I am so proud of all of my North Shore Middle School students. They not only raised a lot of money ($7,300 donated to date), but collaborated with their peers and worked hard together to benefit others here in our community and around the world.”

Once again, E3 Day proved that when North Shore Middle Schoolers are “All In” they could rise to the occasion, work together, pay it forward, and make a difference in the world! Many thanks to Gian Paul Gonzalez and all of the community members, faculty and staff that helped make this day a tremendous success. Please ask your children how they helped make a difference this E3 day.

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