I applaud Eileen Watts for requesting the removal of Karen Rubin’s column which in no way is the pulse of any peninsula I know of with the possible exception of the Sinai.

President Trump is by no means the perfect man but he is a lot better than the last two twits we have had. President Trump was elected in accordance with the rules set by all our past wonderful political gurus so Ms. Rubin might as well suck it up as he is doing a good job in spite of all the liberal obstructionists who refuse to attend meetings but then cry that they did not get the chance to have any input, what a crock.

It is high time these relics got out of politics ( we really do need term limits ) and let in some fresh thinkers with some positive ideas and who will reach across the aisle to do what is right for our great nation. 

Our media reporters in general could use a little bit of a wake up as well and give the proper credit where credit is due. 

Come on you guys be unbiased report the truth!

God Bless America from a senior and army veteran.

Peter Burnside Sr.


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