Readers Write: Shop Delight gets criticized for being successful


It is 2018, and a few people have already started complaining right and left.  

Shop Delight has become their target.  

Not long ago Waldbaum’s closed shop in Great Neck.  People in Great Neck had less places to do their grocery shopping.  Then Best Market and Shop delight came to town.  

There is no parking situation on Welwyn Road.  There is just a good economy.  

If you go into Shop Delight you shall see that the employees present for work are 10 people or less.  And the majority of the employees there take the bus to get to work.  

People complaining that the employees of Shop Delight are illegally parking are just complaining because Shop Delight has a lot of customers.  

And why is that?  Shop Delight has great prices.  It is my firm belief that people who can’t find parking near Shop Delight should park a couple of blocks over.  If it was up to these complainers, Great Neck would be a ghost town, so they could park where ever they wish.  

Jacob Avi Cohen

Great Neck


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