I would like to report with great pleasure that my wife Eva and friends Dave and Marion and myself, attended a concert at Mineola Memorial Park on Saturday August 4th.

There was a tribute band called Beginnings. They played and sounded like the Band Chicago. They played great songs of Chicago’s music of the 70’s and 80″s. The Mayor of Mineola, Scott P. Strauss, said he hoped we would have a great time listening to the music. There were many people there that night, both young and old. But with the music, we all felt Cool and Groovy.

Let me also mention that the group, Beginnings, received a lot of applause for the many songs they did. They need to be praised for a job well done. I also would like to applaud Mayor Strauss and all those involved for putting this most enjoyable music event together. Now for all that, let me say, Kudos.

Sincerely Yours,

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.




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