Readers Write: Award to hero twins well deserved


I was very happy to read about the awards given to Vigilant’s EMT volunteers, Joshua and Jeremy Feintuch.

I had never met these fine young men until Sept. 3 when I was involved in a terrible automobile accident in Great Neck. A UPS delivery truck collided with my vehicle and demolished it. 

The airbags saved my life but the car was completely totaled and non-repairable. 

Police, fire department personnel, ambulance and the two Feintuch brothers, EMT Vigilant volunteers, raced to my aid. Strangers in nearby homes came out and brought me a chair to sit on and cold water to drink. I was in trauma. 

It was my second accident in 64 years of driving. I had just dropped my granddaughter off on Hicks Lane and was continuing alone to my home when in the blink of an eye the accident occurred. 

I thank God that no one else was with me in the car at the time of the accident.

Jeremy and Joshua Feintuch took my vital signs and gave me comfort and reassurance. Great Neck can indeed be very proud of these fine young men and of Vigilant’s service to the community. 

The accident occurred one day before Rosh Hashanah, ending the old year on a bad note. 

Hopefully, the new year will be a happier and healthier one. 

Many heartfelt thanks to the Feintuch brothers.


Rabbi Esor Ben-Sorek

Great Neck


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