Readers Write: Cancel ‘reality TV’ election, re-elect Lincoln


God Bless America and the election process. 

But once again the Great Neck Parks Department election has turned into a reality TV show. 

We have Mr. Perera, the parks ex-employee, challenging Bob Lincoln for the commissionership. Bob Lincoln has done more for Great Neck Parks than anyone in the community. 

In the past year, with support of new Commissioner Frank Cilluffo and seated Dan Nachmenoff, Bob has been able to accomplish even more than before. 

As for the challenger Mr. Perera, I ask the Great Neck community “why would an employee of the Great Neck Parks District making upwards of $150,000 per year leave abruptly to retire then seek out the commissioner role, which is paying minimal $26,000*?” 

I question Mr. Perera’s motives in this election.

As a daily user of the facilities, in my opinion Mr. Perera’s participation in the parks department for the last 23 years was minimal and made very little impact, if not a negative impact on the public. 

I urge every voter in Great Neck to come out Dec. 8 and vote for Bob Lincoln so he can continue preserving our beautiful parks, keeping them safe and continuing the programs that our parks department offers our community every day.  (*All information obtained by FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552.)

Lisa Markowitz

Great Neck


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