Readers Write: Claims about Weitzman raise questions of motive


I have known Leon Korobow for over 30 years and while I often do not agree with him on important issues facing our community, I always thought his arguments well-intentioned and substantive. 

His letter last week (“Bosworth has earned job as supervisor,” Great Neck News, Oct. 18) included such misinformed, vindictive and mean-spirited comments about former Great Neck Estates mayor and former county Comptroller Howard Weitzman that it leads one to question what motivated Mr. Korobow to write something so beneath his usual high standards.

Be as it may, I can not let such statements as “Mr. Weitzman did little or nothing effective as comptroller…,” go unanswered. 

How outrageous, and despite Mr. Korobow’s personal animosity he knows that Howard Weitzman, CPA was recognized as perhaps the most qualified comptroller the county has ever had and his numerous accomplishments earned him Newsday’s support in every one of his campaigns and the endorsement of the New York Times as the best candidate when the office of New York State Comptroller became vacant.  

He has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades for the professional job he did as comptroller and his clear determination to be an independent voice and watchdog for the taxpayers of Nassau County.

Space does not allow for a full accounting of Howard Weitzman’s accomplishments during his eight years in office. 

Suffice it to say that when he left office in 2009, the depth of the recession, the county had received the last of 13 bond upgrades, had a stable outlook from the rating agencies, had eight consecutive surpluses, and NIFA was only exercising oversight. 

Four years later the county has had three bond downgrades, a negative outlook from the rating agencies and huge deficits every year leading to a NIFA takeover of the county in 2011. 

Acting independently, he undertook numerous audits of county agencies and groundbreaking audits of special districts that uncovered huge waste, fraud, abuse and nepotism with little or no oversight. 

Leon Korobow is a smart man with a financial background. He of all people should recognize and appreciate what Howard Weitzman accomplished and can accomplish again as county comptroller.

Steven Markowitz

Great Neck


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