Reader’s Write: Columnist’s bogus claims on global warming


I live on the terminal moraine of the Ice Age as do many North Shore residents. Long Island was once covered with glaciers. 

They melted due to climate change. 

Reading your columnist, Karen Rubin (“Climate Change Battle at Crisis Point,” Roslyn Times, 1/24/2014), one would think the glacier disappearance was caused by auto emissions, “Big Oil” and the Koch brothers.

Glacier evolution is not the only terrestrial change in Earth’s history. Europe and Africa were once attached to North and South America. The Adirondack, Rocky and Himalaya Mountains were once under water. 

Alarmists used to refer to “human-caused Global Warming” but it has been shown that the mean global temperature has not risen in 17 years and has been slowly falling. 

Global cooling has been evident for the most recent ten-years; especially lately. 

Last year the number of U.S. record-low-temperature days exceeded those of record-high temperatures. Many scientists attribute the increased weather fluctuations to interaction of the sun with the earth’s shifting magnetic poles. 

Faced with the fact of actual cooling the alarmists have changed their mantra from “man-made Global Warming” to “man-made Climate Change” as if humans, through government, could somehow prevent storms by spending enough money.

The money that has been spent is a mixed blessing. Wind farms, aside from being economically problematic, have been slicing and dicing bats and eagles giving environmentalists second thoughts. 

We all know about the Nimby syndrome. When a wind farm was proposed off Cape Cod the wealthy environmentally-conscious Nantucket residents blocked it.

Rubin’s column reminds me of the joke about the difference between a psychotic and neurotic. 

The psychotic thinks two plus two equals five. The neurotic knows it equals four but cannot stand it. She would evidently prefer a year of constant 75-degree days with blue skies and a stock market where the Dow never changes. 

As far as the Koch brothers are concerned, they should be lauded for their charitable giving such as their financing of Lincoln Center’s Koch Ballet Theatre. 

Let us look at the donut; not at the hole.

Len Mansky



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