Reader’s Write: Dems, GOP not worthy of Tea Party support


After listening to Chuck Schumer praise Comcast’s takeover of Time Warner Cable, it came to light that his own younger brother, was the lead attorney in the deal.

It was not that he meekly apologized and recused himself from this huge business merger, only after he was caught. I keep forgetting that this is just politics as usual, in the Big Apple. 

We were that “retired Tea Party couple from Long Island,” who had volunteered to work for Chris Christie in his first campaign for governor. 

We couldn’t even vote for him, (we live in New York) but we finally found a candidate, who was willing to take on the Democrats in such a very blue state.

Christie promised to fix the financial mess that he had inherited from Jon Corzine. And he did. 

He was going to reduce the union strangle-hold in Trenton. What guts. And he assured us that he would use his prosecutorial experience to clean up New Jersey’s infamous crime problems. 

He certainly delivered. Well, sort of . 

“Bridgegate,” unfortunately, put a damper on all that. 

Jerseyites were accustomed to his arrogance. Most even liked his “my way or the highway” approach. Many, like myself, found his brashness rather refreshing. 

He stood up to the Democrats, and articulated his conservative ideas so well. 

The problem was that others, working for him, took this overconfident, almost dictatorial approach, to another level. They felt they could do anything they wanted, even if it bordered on illegality. 

Our leaders must always inspire us. But those working for them, must also make us proud. We were looking for a John Kennedy. 

Some say we got a Tony Soprano! 

Christie’s chances of a presidential run? Only time will tell. But, one thing is for certain. A Hillary-Christie debate would be worth any price of admission. 

His name is Ray Nagin. During Hurricane Katrina, he was the two-term Democratic Mayor of New Orleans. He was so inspirational. 

After the worst natural catastrophe in my lifetime, he assured us that he was the one to lead his city’s recovery effort. Just send him your donations and New Orleans would be rebuilt. He was a definite Democratic vice presidential candidate.

But rumors started to surface.  Want to do business in New Orleans? Just call the Mayor. 

Want a city contract. Just support his favorite charity, himself. He took cash, checks, wire transfers, personal services and free travel. You name it, he took it. 

From now on, and for the next 20 years, his room and board will be paid by the state of Louisiana. He was just convicted of 20 counts of bribery, fraud and tax-evasion. Forget the 2016 Democratic V.P. nomination. 

Ray Nagin will be much to busy in prison, making license plates for all his constituents. 

His name is Bob McDonnell and term limits prevented him from running again for governor of  Virginia. He was one of the Republican Party’s rising stars. 

He brought spending under control, balanced his state’s budget and introduced numerous business-friendly policies which created so many new jobs. He even reduced his state’s massive bureaucracy.  

We, in the Tea Party loved and supported him. Again, we made our calls, sent out our emails and donated to his campaign.

Bob McDonnell and his wife were just charged with illegally accepting luxurious gifts, such as a Rolex, use of a vacation house and a Ferrari, as well as demanding $130,000 in loans, in exchange for promoting a company’s products to state officials. 

The charges carry up to 30 years in prison.  I am embarrassed and I feel betrayed. Who can I trust ?  

Are there any honest politicians out there? 

His name is Andrew Cuomo. Everyone knows who he is. I, along with 75 other Long Island Tea Party members, traveled to Albany to lobby for his 2 percent tax cap. 

Finally, we could support a Democratic initiative. 

Last month, an infuriated Gov. Cuomo stated that there was no place in New York State for anyone who dared to disagree with “his” stand on gay marriage , gun control, and abortion. 

Obviously, he was talking about us. He said we should actually leave New York. 

Wow!! Remember, “love it or leave it” 

That’s what the right wing said about his father, when Mario Cuomo repudiated the Viet Nam war. 

Oh I forgot! It’s only terrible when Republicans make statements like that. 

By the way; When Gov. Cuomo endorsed gay marriage, birth control and abortion, did any liberal demand that he leave the Catholic Church? 

Speaking of someone who can’t accept criticism, I am reminded of our own Peter King. 

As Long Island’s only Republican Congressman, we enthusiastically supported him. Again, donations were made. E-mails were sent out. We attended his fundraisers. Campaigning for him was a pleasure. 

But this year, things changed. 

When Conservative and Tea Party members in Congress insisted that we no longer could put off reducing our massive national debt, Rep. King thought that we had gone to far!  

He also felt that every U.S. citizen, even those who are not in any way suspect, must give up their constitutional rights when national security interests are investigated. 

We objected. 

Congressman King, decided that there is no room for us in his Republican Party. 

Peter King thinks he is a king. He called us traitors and the cause of all of Washington’s dysfunction. 

He even denounced the Republican National Committee, when they called NSA’s surveillance system, unconstitutional.  

He called the RNC “a disastrous sellout to his party’s isolationist wing.” A presidential run? Perhaps! But it may be without our support. 

Now, do you understand why The Tea Party has trouble supporting either party?   

Dr. Stephen Morris DDS

North Hills


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