Did You Know? By Wayne Wink


Did you know that the Clerk’s office issues many types of business licenses for the Town of North Hempstead? From grabbing a bite to eat to hiring a landscaper, my office carefully reviews a variety of license applications for the health and safety of our town residents.

Taxi Drivers – Each time a friend or family member gets into the back of a taxi, I want to be assured that they are going to be safe. In my office, we not only review existing taxi companies annually, but we investigate each individual driver and every new applicant in immense detail. Accompanied with each application, applicants must submit a DMV driver’s record as well as be fingerprint background checked and drug tested by 3rd party companies. This gives me the confidence to know whether or not someone should be operating in the Town of North Hempstead.

Towing Companies – With roughly 230,000 residents living in the Town of North Hempstead, the number of licensed motorists continues to rise. When a motor vehicle accident occurs, the last thing that should be on your mind is the towing bill you are presented. All tow companies that operate in the town are required to apply annually for our tow rotation list. After applying, my office will send a licensed inspector to the company to confirm they have the necessary equipment, tools, and signage. Once approved by our inspector, the tow company is added to our rotation list. All companies licensed with my office are held to a strict fee schedule and are properly insured, assuring peace of mind for our residents.

Peddler – Whether it’s at our annual BeachFeast celebration or walking through the neighborhood with my family, I enjoy stopping at any ice cream truck I can find. Besides my favorite chocolate ice cream, I always make sure to check for a Town of North Hempstead peddler medallion. The hexagon-shaped medallion is issued by my office annually to any food truck or ice cream truck wishing to conduct business in the Town of North Hempstead. In order to receive the medallion, applicants must present the necessary documentation, such as a Nassau County Department of Health license and submit to a background check. This way, the only issue you have to worry about is finishing your ice cream before it melts or your food before someone asks for a bite.

Door-to-Door Solicitation – Also falling under the “peddler license” category, I take great responsibility in who is knocking on residents’ doors throughout the Town. Those wishing to go door to door are required to apply in my office. The application for solicitors requires an immediate background check and agreement on the town’s restrictions and policies. All licensed solicitors are issued a photo identification badge from my office which must be visible on their body at all times. A list of all currently approved solicitors is kept in my office.

Solid Waste Management Authority – With 156 licensed businesses and 600 licensed vehicles, Solid Waste Management Authority permits are one of the largest responsibilities in my office. Solid Waste Management Authority permits help the town properly and efficiently remove waste from the Town. Solid Waste Management Authority permits are broken down into several distinct categories. For example, type one permits are called “Carters.” These permits allow for residential and commercial garbage to be picked up and disposed of at our Solid Waste Management Authority yard. Type two permits are for all landscapers and contractors operating in the Town. This ensures all businesses are properly insured, legally licensed, and properly disposing of waste and debris.

Landscaping – New to the Town of North Hempstead, all landscaping companies are required to apply for a three-year business license starting in 2020. While the aforementioned Solid Waste Management Authority permits make sure landscapers are licensed to dispose of waste legally, these new permits confirm that they are licensed to actually operate in the town. With the application, landscaping companies must also submit their Nassau County business license, proof of insurance, and a list of vehicles. This will help prevent illegal, unlicensed businesses from operating in the town.

The Town of North Hempstead is a beautiful place to live and I take the utmost pride in doing my part to make it as safe and consumer-friendly as possible. Whether it’s catching a ride in a taxi or getting ice cream with your family and everything in between, my office takes every step to ensure you can enjoy all the town has to offer and do it safely.

For expanded information on business licenses or any requirement questions, please feel free to call us at 311 or visit our website: https://northhempsteadny.gov/content/16253/16898/16901/default.aspx



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