Divins unclear on reproductive health act


In your Aug. 3 edition, you profiled Republican Assembly candidate Byron Divins, who is running against Democratic incumbent Anthony D’Urso in the 16th Assembly District.

I couldn’t help but notice that, while Divins presented himself as pro-choice, he left himself a pretty large out by stating that he would have to look at individual legislation closely.

This is the same escape clause Sen. Elaine Phillips uses to justify her opposition to the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), a critically important reform bill that has passed the Assembly several times, but has never passed the Republican-controlled Senate.

Divins should publicly state whether he supports or opposes the RHA.  If he supports the bill, then that would be consistent with a pro-choice stance.  If he opposes the bill (or won’t take a position on it), then I would question his sincerity.

As for Assemblyman D’Urso, he voted in favor of the RHA in 2017 and 2018.  There’s no question where he stands on this issue.  

Matthew Zeidman

New Hyde Park


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