Don’t break up the Ehrbar team


My name is Patrick Wing and I reside on Concord Avenue in Williston Park.

My parents (Fred and Eileen) moved our family of eight children to our home on Broad Street almost 50 years ago.

We grew up in a safe and secure town where everyone knew their neighbors and there were plenty of activities to keep us out of trouble. I chose Williston Park as the place to raise my family for the same reasons.

Through the years I have come to know two fine individuals who happen to be running for town trustee; Kevin Rynne and William (Bill) O’Brien.

They join Mayor Ehrbar and Justice Kevin Kiley on the Integrity Party line.

I enthusiastically encourage all residents to come out to Village Hall on March 20 and cast your vote for this team that has done an incredible job at making this village a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

We all know that a village is more than homes, trees, and streets.

A truly great village is built by men and women who volunteer their time and talents to work tirelessly to achieve greatness.

I have seen Kevin Rynne and Bill O’Brien day in, day out, demonstrating their commitment, drive, and initiative to make Williston Park a better place to live.

Kevin Rynne has served as deputy mayor and has done a terrific job at simultaneously being fiscally responsible and dramatically increasing village services from our sanitation department to our beautiful village pool.

His stewardship of village finances and services has created a strong village that will provide continued improvement for years to come.

I was especially proud of how he worked tirelessly to produce a water usage agreement with our neighboring village that protected our infrastructure and finances while securing a long-term deal to provide water service to East Williston.

I have watched Kevin coaching softball, and working as a leader with Boy Scout Troop 201. He is an honest, hardworking, dedicated, and incredibly talented public servant who has made our village a better place to live.

Bill O’Brien is a talented and hardworking individual who has shown an incredible dedication to our village and our young residents.

He realizes that our future depends on our youth, and he has volunteered at all levels as a coach for volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball. He has been a leader in Boy Scout Troop 201, and I have seen him and his wonderful family participating in village volunteer projects.

He has instilled in his family a sense of duty to the community that will ensure future generations of volunteerism and community spirit.

I am proud of our village and the job that the Integrity Party candidates have done. We have a vibrant business district, beautiful parks, clean streets, and an incredible sense of community.

I hope that all residents join me on March 20 to send them a thank you in the form of a vote. We are headed in the right direction, and the right team is leading the way.

Patrick Wing

Williston Park


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