Editorial 7: Peter Fishkind for North Hempstead Town Board, District 5

Editorial 7: Peter Fishkind for North Hempstead Town Board, District 5
Peter Fishkind Town Council Headshot

Great Neck residents Peter Fishkind and David Adhami are both litigation lawyers seeking office for the first time to succeed Town Councilwoman Lee Seeman, who is not running for re-election in the 5th District.

Fishkind, a Democrat, stepped down from a prominent law firm where he handled individual, institutional and municipal clients in complex commercial litigations to better acquaint himself with a district in which he was already heavily involved.

The time appears well spent.

Fishkind seems to understand the issues well. He said his first job would be to keep taxes as low as possible to maintain the town’s Aaa bond rating, followed by the need to support downtown districts.

To do this, he said, he would seeking to modernize town departments to better meet the needs of businesses and identify and support destination-focused venues that can anchor downtowns and attract more consumers to our commercial areas.

Adhami voiced similar views on the issues and noted as a lifelong resident of Great Neck he knew the area and many of residents well.

And as a Republican, his election would help the town council have Republican representation.

“I would bring a different point of view, along with my life experiences in order to fight for all of the constituents,” Adhami said.

The lone Republican currently on the council, Angelo Ferrara, of the 3rd District, is stepping down. His successor will be the winner of the race between Mineola Trustee Dennis Walsh, a Republican, and community advocate Christine Pusateri, a Democrat.

Adhami said his experience as a lawyer has allowed him to understand how to be fiscally responsible and fight against wrongdoing and the unintended consequences of laws.

He adamantly opposes the sale of cannabis, while Fishkind said he expected the decision on retail sales to be decided by the time the new council took office and would support needed legislation once that decision was made.

We believe Fishkind offers a better understanding of the community’s issues and what is needed to address them.

We endorse Peter Fishkind for North Hempstead town council in the 5th District. 

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