Readers Write: End property tax for school funding


Uninterested in engaging in a urinary contest with Dolgin on this subject, but the record needs to be clarified as to what I asserted, implied and said or didn’t. 

His third paragraph begins, “With all due respect to your reader, I am hopeful that most of your readers will not think I am a sycophant for promoting the nostrum that we as members of society have entered into a social contract”. 

Hmm….. Sounds like sarcasm desperately trying to escape the clutches of  incoherence, but sadly in vain; as it’s all downhill from here.

Next comes the lecture that: “We, in fact, have a social responsibility to do what is necessary to maintain and improve not only our school system in Great Neck for my children, but all school systems for all children in New York.” Really? Breathtaking!! Who knew???

The use of the collective ‘we’ is always the predictable code of those who arrogantly presume to speak for and obligate all others (like the Queen of England, who gets a pass) to support their agenda. But why stop there?

How about the kiddies in New Jersey, in Pennsylvania and why leave out  the worthies in Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin etc.

And there you have the core and essence of the collectivist mentality. 

All pious blather without an iota of rational thought to support it; an assertion so beyond preposterous as to insult the laws of logic and right out of the Fabian Socialist Hymnal of Beatrice Webb. 

My core point of last week, was direct and simple. The current property tax system supporting public schools is, per se, discriminatory, economically unsound and as such, untenable in the long run. 

By the way, New York State had 48 Electoral College votes three generations ago.

We now have 29 and are projected to go much lower. Anyone wonder why?

When the deciders of ‘what is necessary’, control any system’s purse strings, taxpayers should expect a fandango similar to the present; which was the catalyst for the tax cap in the first place. 

Reform of the current system is way past high time and until it arrives, anticipate the sturm und drang over this issue to intensify exponentially.

Tom Coffey



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