Readers Write: Fiorina is no advocate for women’s issues


Last week the media anointed Carly Fiorina as the “winner’ of the second Republican debate. 

She was poised, articulate, informed but she erred when she described a video she supposedly had seen. She described a scene in which a fetus, supposedly alive and kicking, was aborted so that it could provide fetal tissue. 

She emotionally bemoaned this as indicative of the loss of morality in public life. In actuality, this video does not exist. She called for defunding Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is a highly respected organization that provides excellent reproductive health services to millions of women. 

The full range of these services is well known. Fully 97 percent of these services are not abortions. Only 3 percent are abortions and these services are privately funded. 

No federal funding is used. 

For years, extreme fanatical anti-choice organizations have been trying to end funding for these excellent care facilities. 

They have been providing propaganda to further their aims.

Recently, the Center for Medical Progress, a very active provider of misinformation for many years, released a series of undercover videos that an impartial organization studied and found were obviously extensively edited to mischaracterize discussions by Planned Parenthood professionals.

Ironically, at a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee meeting that I watched on television, I heard a discussion that dealt with the reasons to defund. 

The committee had failed to invite any of the officials of Planned Parenthood to testify. 

Also, no representatives of the CMS were present. How can we believe that both sides of the issue were adequately presented?

In sum, Carly Fiorina is not a good advocate for the causes that progressives are interested in. 

She wants us to increase expenditures for the military, does not advocate independent U.S. action on climate change efforts, is for the Bush tax cuts, supports gun rights, wants to weaken the EPA, opposes job creation programs, wants to repeal Obamacare. 

In general, she cannot be expected to support reform on social issues.

Esther Confino

New Hyde Park


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