Reader’s Write: GN ed board fails to honor service of military veterans


Gov. Cuomo recently signed legislation that would allow public school districts to provide school tax relief to combat veterans. 

It is my understanding that some school districts on Long Island have already done so.

Such tax relief is consistent with veteran’s tax relief that Nassau County afforded as well as villages in Nassau County. 

And of course the federal government has a long-standing veteran’s preference program with respect to employment. The Great Neck Board of Education has decided not to do so, rationalizing that to do so would be a “zero-sum game” where the tax load would be transferred to other taxpayers.

I believe their action is wrong. A “zero-sum game” was played when members of the military served and lost two, three, four, five or more years on the economic, social and personal ladder rungs to 4Fs, students deferred, “essential” war workers and yes, black marketers.

What veterans are asking the Great Neck Board of Education to do is give back to the zeroes some of the sum that went elsewhere while they served.

Gerald Peretsman

Great Neck


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