Readers Write: Haber offers fresh approach to county gov


I’ve lived in Roslyn for 28 years, and I am very impressed with the fresh ideas Adam Haber brought to our school board. He pushed us to refinance our debt, consolidate our bus routes, and renegotiate our broadcast rights with Cablevision. These ideas are all unique to Roslyn, and they started with Adam Haber. 

I voted for him because he promised new ideas to save money, and he delivered. We haven’t cut teachers, we’ve preserved and added programs, and our district boasts the lowest tax increases in almost all of Nassau. 

I’ve had some personal contact with Adam Haber, and I’ve found him a sincere, caring, family man with a lot of integrity.

I believe Adam Haber can bring the change we need in Nassau. His fresh ideas to pool resources, protect the environment, and respond to crisis are desperately needed.  I like his plan to address the county’s tax assessment system, and believe he has the temerity to change it.

With Adam’s strong fiscal knowledge, I am confident he will be able to restore the jobs and services cut within Nassau. 

Please join me on Sept. 10 in voting for Adam Haber, Democrat for county executive.

Susan Goldklang

East Hills


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