Kremer’s Corner: Donald Trump the divider


Donald J. Trump has been President for the past nine months.

He frequently refers to President Abraham Lincoln, compares his actions to Mr. Lincoln, and occasionally gives credit to Harry Truman.

If the President spent more time studying Lincoln he might learn about the great line uttered on the eve of his unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate. His remark was “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Lincoln eventually became the national face of the Republican Party, and his words and deeds gave that party the basis for its existence.

While the President is not really a Republican, he has become the unwanted face of the party and, to their utter dismay, he may well be tearing the party apart to the extent that it will take them decades to recover.

One recent NBC survey showed that there are more people who call themselves “Trump voters” than “Republican voters.”

If the Republicans are meek enough to let Mr. Trump block their priorities and bludgeon their reputation that is their problem.

On the other hand, should Senate Leader Mitch Mc Connell and the House Speaker Paul Ryan sit by idly as their leader tries to tear apart the America we know and love?

Look back at the political landscape since Donald Trump rode down his gilded escalator to announce his candidacy.

His campaign was based on his appeal to the working-class citizens of our country, but at the same time he gave a wink and a nod to the racists, Neo-Nazis and all the other sick factions in our country.

Stating that he had no idea who Ex-Klansman David Duke was, even though he was a visible Trump supporter, turned out to be the first hint of the dark side of this President. From those very early days until the present, one man with an ugly agenda has torn the melting pot that we call America, apart.

Many Democrats will concede the fact that Barack Obama didn’t turn out to be the uniter that they had hoped he would be.

Obama was a passionate and articulate spokesman during his time in the White House, but like many of his predecessors, he never hit that one chord that brought all of this country together.

In fairness to President Obama, he had the ability to soothe the feelings of the country in times of stress, but the last true uniter was probably John F. Kennedy.

Think about the fact that since Jan. 20, America hasn’t had one day without some Trump happening that divides Americans from Americans.

Whether it is his ugly use of the Tweet or a random remark somewhere in the country, he has created a steady drumbeat of division, group-by-group or person-by-person.

While his supporters often say they welcome his random utterings, the rest of the country is forced to absorb one slander after another.

Perhaps the lowest level to which the President has sunk is his remarks about the Charlottesville, Va. tragedy.

To proclaim that “both sides have good people” gave us a shocking look into the soul of a person who holds the most important job in the world.

His latest Alabama speech where he deliberately inserted himself into the American football scene is another example of how Mr. Trump finds every way possible to create tension and anger.

Some people think that President Trump believes in the adage “divide and conquer,” but millions of Americans before him sacrificed their lives for our country because they believed in a united America.

There is no doubt that there are still many Americans who believe that Mr. Trump is in the right place at the right time.

It may take a world catastrophe or a national happening to jolt them out of their stubborn support for this President, but no one wants that to happen. We just have to hope and pray that the country stays in one piece until 2020.


  1. That you fail to cite the Democrats, viz. Schumer and Pelosi, as chief obstructionists, tells me all I need to know about your perspectives, which I feel are not healthy for the Country.

    Pay attention to what’s important. You fail to acknowledge the good things Trump has accomplished so far, and in doing so, you’re acting exactly like the Leftist, ‘fake news’ media CNN, NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CBS. Pay attention and inform your readers of his important accomplishments, which put us on a healthier track than we’ve been on for at least 8 years – – or don’t you care to let your readers know some of the TRUTHS?

    Here are some of his accomplishments, important to those who voted for him – – which is what you’ve conveniently lost track of. There are always two sides to every narrative, you’re only telling one of them.
    Here’s another:


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