Readers Write: Letter from Italy goes over the line


Week after week we are exposed to the useless, self-serving, nonsensical ramblings of Stephen Morris. 

Does the man not realize that most people are not interested in his and his family biography? 

I usually disregard his regular diatribes of the Obama administration and write it off to a very frustrated conservative Republican. 

This past week however, he writes of his trip to Italy which was of no particular interest to me and I venture to most other readers. 

But this time I feel he crossed the line by bad mouthing President Obama and the United States while in a foreign country. 

He is a disgrace to the people of his community and the country as a whole. 

If he is so dissatisfied with the way things are here in the United States, I suggest he move out to another country. 

I get the impression the man simply cannot adjust to the fact that the Republicans lost the presidential election. 

Another suggestion I have for him is very simple, “Get over it!” and maybe we the readers can read something more constructive from him, but frankly, I seriously doubt it.

John F. Nahas

Great Neck


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