READERS WRITE: Listen to mom


Try as hard as I can, I can’t make sense of hunger in America.  

I understand it in places like Africa, and Asia, and South America.  But in America – the richest country in the world?  The richest county in history?

I understand it in Appalachia, and New Orleans, and on Indian Reservations in Arizona.  But in New York City?  On  Long Island? In Great Neck?  

Yet it’s true. There are hungry people living in all these places.  

Even in Great Neck, there are children who go to bed hungry every night and wake up hungry every morning.  There are seniors who are living on one meal a day.

Isn’t ironic to think about this as we’re about to enter both the Easter and Passover seasons?  

When I think of these holidays, I think of Easter dinner and Passover seders.  I think of families and food. I think of the tradition my mother taught me as we sat down for the first seder.  She would always say, “Let all who are hungry enter and eat.”

Now, I say, “let no one go hungry while there is food on our plates.”


Dave Golbert

Great Neck


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