Our Views: Mangano, Maragos need to take stand


The Tea Party, led by conservative Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), shut down the government of the United States for nearly three weeks and brought the nation within hours of going into default for the first time in its history.

The Nassau County Democrats have painted Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and Comptroller George Maragos, both Republicans, as “tea party extremists.” 

To be sure this is a campaign tactic, but it raises a fair question: Does the fact that Maragos and Mangano have sided with the Tea Party on issues such as immigration reform and gun control mean that they are at heart Tea Party conservatives?

The Tea Party and Cruz have done tremendous damage to the nation and even to the Republican Party. Congressman Peter King (R-Long Island) was absolutely clear about his contempt for Cruz and his tactics in a radio interview on Sunday morning.

We urge Mangano and Maragos to likewise denounce the tactics used by extremists who were willing to hold the entire nation hostage in an effort to defund the health-care reform that was passed by Congress, signed into law by the president and tested by the Supreme Court.

They should also tell the GOP that this must not happen again in January. Like King they should be clear about where they stand on the Tea Party, even if it cost votes.


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