Readers Write: Martins opposes choice for women


Wealthy Women have always had freedom of choice.  

An unwanted pregnancy could be discretely terminated with a “procedure” in a doctor’s office, or a “vacation” to a country where abortion was legal.  It was the poor and middle-class women who had to sustain unwanted pregnancies, life-threatening pregnancies, rape-caused pregnancies, or endure back-alley abortions, the consequences of which are well documented.  

Even though Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States, women’s freedom of choice is being steadily eroded by harassment, intrusive and unnecessary medical procedures, and the forced closing of clinics due to needless and onerous regulations.   

While New York State’s women think they are safe in their ability to make choices for themselves and their families, our pro-choice law is not in complete alignment with federal provisions.  

The Women’s Equality Act, guarantees women a wide range of protections in employment, fair pay, freedom from sexual harassment, and more. It would also ensure that, if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned or repealed, New York women would still retain their freedom of choice.

Republican Sen. Jack Martins, like every other senator on Long Island, Republicans all, refuses to pass the WEA because of its pro-choice provision.  He is in conflict with the majority of his constituents by inserting himself between a woman and her family, a woman and her doctor, and by denying her the right to make deeply personal decisions regarding her health and safety.   

Adam Haber, who is running as a Democrat against Sen. Martins, believes the opposite.  He is in full accord with all the provisions of the WEA, and is firmly committed to preserving a woman’s right to choose.  

On Election Day, all voters, men and women, should choose wisely.  

Adam Haber will protect a woman’s rights; Jack Martins will limit them, and, given the chance, take them away.  The choice is yours.  

Ruth A Shalom

Great Neck


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