Readers Write: No, no and hell no to 3rd track for LIRR


There are some things I want to say about roads. The first of which is Roslyn Road.

If there was a normal, proper, legal and as expected right turn lane going northbound to access Locust Lane, it is conceivable that the crashes involving death and destruction might never have happened whatever the condition of the drivers.

The cutoff should be covered over and a proper lane with arrows be put in its place.

A southbound vehicle has a left turn lane with arrows. A driver has to wait until there is a break in northbound traffic to make the turn onto Locust Lane.

There has to be a stop sign at the end of the northbound turn lane so that the southbound vehicle has the right of way to be able to clear the crossed northbound lanes.

Other than that, Roslyn Road should remain as is.

The case of the vehicle smashing into a limo making a U turn on the North Fork was recently in the news.

After all the opposition from various sources, the driver of the limo is being charged for pulling out in front of a vehicle that had the right of way.

West of Manhattan across the Hudson River is the Port of New York and New Jersey. One of the largest in the US.

There are various rail tunnels under the Hudson River: Amtrak, Penn, now Con (consolidated) Rail, etc.

They come to the 30th Street Terminal in Manhattan. They then go east under Manhattan and the East River to southern Long Island City where there is a large surface terminal.

The LIRR comes through there also.

There is a Conrail line going south and the same going north through Astoria, over the Hell Gate Bridge into The Bronx.

Going east from this area across Queens and all of L.I., there has never been a freight rail line.

There is the drive for a third rail between Floral Park and Hicksville.

Going west from Floral Park there is the Bellerose, Queens Village, Bellaire, Hollis, Union Hall and then Jamaica Station. Only two tracks all the way, it seems.

With all that, why is only the aforementioned slated for a third rail? It does not make sense. 

Do they want to turn the LIRR into a freight line too?

What would work is if a freight line is tunneled from Long Island City to wherever on L.I.

On top of all this, statements are made about all the wonders it would do for L.I. Each of these statements would have to be substantiated.

On the internet is mentioned that some of the tunnels under the Hudson River are not high enough to accommodate cargo freight containers. 

They would have to dig the tracks deeper and fix that one track at a time so as not to be disruptive.

As I mentioned before, so much money comes and goes (disappears) and not as much two stops on the Second Avenue subway get completed.

Summing it all up I say “No Third Rail! Period!

Charles Samek



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