Readers Write: Police commish glosses over crime spike in 6th


Regarding your article on the county police and quality of life issues 4/1. 

Police Commissioner Krumpter claims that crime is down 26 percent countywide in the past six years. 

He is obviously not talking about major crimes in our former Sixth Precinct. He conveniently omits that so far this year according to his own official statistics, robberies are up 62 percent and felony assaults are up 80 percent in the Third Precinct. 

This is a continuous deterioration of the quality of life, as last year burglaries were up 13 percent and robberies up 65 percent. 

Although some crimes are down this year robberies are a bellwether of crime statistics. 

Total crime for the year 2016 is up 7.13 percent. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a police commissioner, who is a little independent of County Executive Mangano and fights for the restoration of the Sixth Precinct. 

If it is so efficient to close police precincts why not have just one precinct for all of Nassau? 

Just think of all the jobs that will be saved.

But obviously that would not work just like the closing of Sixth Precinct does not work.

David Torby

Great Neck


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