Readers Write: Pope Francis spreads message of caring


It is with great anticipation that we look forward to Pope Francis coming to New York. 

In Pope Francis we have a beacon of light who brings good news and hope for all of us. 

Pope Francis loves the poor and is the champion of their wants and hopes for a better life. He has simple tastes and has tried to shake up the church and the world with his thoughts on global warming, forgiveness for abortion, divorce and remarried couples and profits at the expense of the poor. 

Pope Francis is the exemplification of what St. Francis of Assisi once said,” Where there is hatred let me sow love.” 

Well that in my opinion Pope Francis is the personification of those words. 

His message therefore is for all of to care about the poor and the sick and those in great need.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr. 

Glen Oaks Village

Writer is Grand Knight

 of St. Anastasia

KofC Council # 5911

 in Douglaston


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