Reader’s Write: Proof of Obamacare support in long lines


A funny thing happened on the way to meeting the deadline to enroll in Obamacare this week. 

Lots of people suddenly realized that maybe it might be a good thing! They got on lines around the block to meet the deadline! Let’s all be in this together!

The Koch brothers (pronounced “Coke”) got a surprise. 

Having spent at least 27 million dollars on ads to persuade the public not to join, they must have been stunned! 

Apparently their audience got the idea that many were getting a good deal. The ads were not to be believed. New enrollees are already enjoying many of the improvements.

The supposedly infamous Obamacare law, was actually the Affordable Care Act!  Obamacare was “ bad.” 

The ACA, the official name, the one and only law, was “good”, but all the misleading ads had confused us. The Kochs and their ilk had lied!  

Congress, which could not find any other problems to solve, had deliberately created the confusion. They had tried to repeal it about 53 times and failed.

It is true that the ACA needs to be improved, and will be, when somebody listens. 

The ACA will replace a system that has become chaotic, has become inhumane, and is draining the wealth of our nation because it has become a huge profit-making enterprise.

Medicare, the model on which the ACA is conceived, will never be repealed. 

Care is provided by private doctors, is organized and administered efficiently. Experience has shown its worth.

Esther Confino

New Hyde Park


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