Readers Write: 15 more reasons to be grateful for Trump


This is my sixth letter expressing my gratitude for having Donald Trump as my President. I could not be prouder. I previously listed 106 reasons for my gratitude. Here are 15 more.

Simply put, Trump is a real tough guy. He faces down the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Mexicans, the fake news media, etc. He often uses outright threats against them. They take him seriously because they know the threats are not empty bluster but might actually result in real consequences.

In a recent, scathing letter, I echoed Gordon Chang’s remark that China is the 21st century equivalent of the Third Reich. Interestingly enough, the usual moralistic prigs that write to or for this newspaper decided to overlook it. I wonder why. Here are more thoughts on China.

Trump signed the pro-democracy Hong Kong bill. At last, someone stands up for what is right. All the self-aggrandized, virtue-signaling progressives, who consider themselves morally superior, did nothing and said nothing for decades while human rights were trashed.

I would have preferred no trade with China at all. I want a boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement. Not towards Israel, but towards China. At least Trump is taking things in the right direction.

Trump signed a trade deal with China despite the Trump-haters predicting that we would lose the trade war. The Chinese agreed in earlier meetings to abide by certain rules. Then, in later documents, they reneged on them.

It seemed like a deliberate provocation. Several previous presidents buckled and shipped American factories and jobs over to China while tolerating the importation of opioids. But Trump held firm. He put on tariffs and waited. The Chinese caved. As Steve Bannon gloriously put it, “We broke the back of the Chinese Communist Party. The U.S. decades-long policy of managed decline is over.”

The Trump administration is issuing a new set of rules that would limit exports of advanced technology to China and Russia. Products covered are quantum computers and 3-D printing technologies.

A policy to ban Huawei 5G networks in the U.S. has begun.

Trump has blocked the appointment of two judges to the World Trade Organization Appeals Court. In effect, this left the court with only one judge, so it cannot issue a binding ruling. This is a knife to the heart of the globalists. The WTO has glaring weaknesses. The worst being no recognition of state-owned enterprises (China) delivering illegal trade advantages.

Two Chinese Embassy officials were expelled from the country after a September incident in which they were caught entering a sensitive US military facility in Virginia. One was a diplomat. This is the first time Chinese diplomats were expelled from the U.S. since 1987.

Do you want to be outraged? The DOJ has charged the Chairman of Harvard University’s Biology Department, along with two Chinese nationals, with aiding China. The charges relate to the fact that the perpetrators were secretly being paid by China.

Dr. Charles Lieber was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. He was obligated to work for Wuhan University and trained Chinese microbiologists. He lied about his affiliation. Don’t be surprised if this bastard was part of a team that “weaponized” the coronavirus.

On to non-China issues. Don’t be misled by fake media lies. While stories of farmer suicides and bankruptcies are always in the headlines, US farmer’s net income is the best since 2013 according to Commodore Research and Consulting.

Small business optimism recently surged according to the Optimism index of the National Federation of Independent Business. They understand what a supportive tax and regulatory environment can do for their companies.

Gallup’s American “Mood of the Nation” survey said Americans’ views on their personal financial situation are now at record highs.

In 2019, U.S. productivity rose the most in a decade. If you are not an economic illiterate, then you understand the importance of raising productivity. Real wages jumped the most since 2015. This is a blue-collar boom. Don’t believe the lies that this economy is only geared towards the rich. I will discuss the future tax cut designed exclusively for the middle class when it is released.

Trump signed an executive order to challenge anti-Semitic defamation and harassment on college campuses. The federal government will withhold funds from any campus deemed biased against Jews.

Trump won his “emoluments” case. This was such a sham. The fact is that Trump has lost hundreds of millions of dollars since he became President. The backlash against him has caused the cancellation of many events at his Washington, D.C. hotel and at Mar-A-Lago. Even people not hostile to Trump canceled events because they feared retribution. Yet the lie persists, that he is making money off the presidency.

Trump has ordered the Bureau of Land Management employees to leave their cushy confines in Washington, D.C. and move to Grand Junction, Colo. That way they could be closer to the lands they administer. They might even get a little more understanding of the needs of the farmers and ranchers they threaten and bully. Anyone who refuses will be deemed insubordinate and will have their employment terminated.

For all you folks who like to harp on the fact that the U.S. had slavery 150 years ago, it is Trump who signed the anti-trafficking executive order to prosecute modern-day slavery. He has appointed special prosecutors to focus on this problem and increased the budget for enhanced prosecution.

Finally, we have started to deal with voter fraud. The Public Interest Legal Foundation audits voter registration lists. As a result, a lawsuit against the City of Detroit found voter fraud infractions and inaccurate voter registrations.

There were 3,500 deceased people on the voter rolls. Some of these expired people had voted Republican their whole life but now are listed as registered Democrats. There were 5,000 voters whose names and addresses appeared multiple times. There are over 511,000 voters registered in Detroit. That is a problem because there are only 480,000 eligible voters. That is more than enough to swing the state to the Democratic column in a close election. Much more to come.

Dr. Wayne Roth
Roslyn Heights



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