Readers Write: U.S. women’s soccer team makes America proud


I had the proud opportunity to watch on TV the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team receiving the keys to the city by Mayor Bill de Blasio. This was a giant win, which has made all of America proud and a great role model for all of our youth.

Truly, America saluted these women for a job well done. I was furthermore impressed with the crowd that shouted “USA! Equal Pay! USA! Equal Pay!” Now I hope they get it, for they deserve it. Over the ceremony were these words “One Nation-One Team.” As Mayor de Blasio said, “That was a moment of unity.”

I hope and pray that will come to pass. This USA Women’s soccer team showed that there is no ‘I’ in team and did what had to be done, together. This team is a fine example of what our nation can do and what can be accomplished when we all work together for common goals for the betterment for all Americans.

Frederick Bedell Jr.



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