Readers Write: ‘1984’ is here

Readers Write: ‘1984’ is here

I’m afraid that the world of George Orwell’s 1984 arrived some time ago, but we were all so busy just trying to sustain our lives that we didn’t notice the arrival and our government certainly didn’t say a thing about it.

We have, today, approximately 6,000 troops serving in Iraq, 5,000 serving in Afghanistan and 2,000 serving in Syria. Just a few evenings ago, for New Year’s Eve, 7,000 heavily armed police from various state and local departments patrolled Times Square in midtown Manhattan.

What has New York and America come to that drones and 7,000 heavily armed and armored police are required to maintain “safe” conditions in Times Square, while the public attempts to celebrate the coming of the new year?

Who are the threats to the public that require such a massive police action and why hasn’t our government done something (not more, but something) to eliminate those threats, long before New Year’s Eve came along?

Who are the bomb-makers living among us and why are they here?

Joel Katz

Port Washington

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