Readers Write: A higher power will help us survive


The Senate has approved the” Coronavirus Aid and Economic Security or Cares Act.”

Many of my fellow Americans are suffering from the coronavirus, both physically and financially. So many have lost their jobs and have not the funds to pay their bills or feed their family.

By the approval of this bill, almost $2 trillion will help the many millions that are suffering. This bill will truly keep hope alive.

Our government has finally realized that we the people have served our great nation in war and in peace and have made this nation what it is today.

Now our rescue is near because of our loyalty and dedication and needed help. We still face much more adversity but we will survive because of our faith in our higher power who has created us to love and to help each other during our trials and tribulations.

So I say,” May God help us in our hour of great need’.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.



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