Readers Write: A holiday thanks to our volunteer firefighters


Having been a resident of our very special East Williston community for almost four decades, I have watched (with awe) the self-sacrifice exhibited by our volunteer East Williston Fire Department members each and every day of the year. 

Especially on Christmas Eve, I have watched our EWFD volunteers make a special, yearly sacrifice of their own time and a special, yearly sacrifice of their families’ own time.

On Christmas Eve, when these EWFD members board our fire vehicles (a.k.a., sleighs) to bring joy to the children and families of our community, these volunteers donate their precious time away from their own families… time that can never be bought back or replaced.                  

The children of all chronological ages in my household (my seven decades-old self included) get a personal joy each and every time we see Santa on the East Williston Fire Department vehicles on Christmas Eve.  The wonder and excitement of childhood well up within our hearts, still, when we see the jolly old fellow approach each child’s house… where a little one awaits with eager anticipation.

I would like to offer a personal and hearty “thank you” to our wonderful EWFD volunteers who sacrifice their time on Christmas Eve for all of us.  You are the best.   

Our EWFD volunteers remind us continuously, but do so especially on Christmas Eve, that the true meaning of Christmas is found in personal sacrifice on behalf of others.

May God bless you all.

Kathy Rittel

East Williston


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