Readers Write: A letter to President Trump on hate-related violence

Readers Write: A letter to President Trump on hate-related violence

Dear President Trump:

Bitter tears alone will not stop the increase in acts of violence in our nation.

Today, Americans are in shock in the aftermath of the largest single incidence of anti-Semitic murder in our history.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Anti-Defamation League confirm that acts of religious and racial hatred are on the rise.

Our response must be more assertive than the simple acknowledgment that there is evil in this world.

The root cause of acts of cold-blooded violence against Americans who are black, Jewish and Muslim must be addressed.  Complacency in the face of brutality is mere capitulation and is decidedly un-American.

In the past, America’s leaders have ordered the creation of commissions of experts to study and report on impending crises.

The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, the National Commission on the Causes and Preventions of Violence and the National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States are examples.

I respectfully urge that you order the empaneling of a commission at your very earliest opportunity.  The life of our nation depends on a powerful response to this all too clear and all too present danger.

Charles Lavine

State Assemblyman




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