Readers Write: A Vote for Katz


In two previous letters, I expressed my dissatisfaction with Mayor Jean Celender. I based this on the congestion around the main Post Office, and the removal of six mailboxes necessitating persons get out of their cars, walk up several steps, and, physically, enter the post office.

This inconvenience is particularly burdensome for senior citizens. I also did not see the need for bicycle lanes and wondered why the mayor didn’t do an Environmental Impact Study to determine whether there were many bike-riders who would use these lanes. I pointed out that in the two decades I have lived in Great Neck, I have never seen a bike-rider in the area around the post office. I wasn’t certain how many people read these letters until I heard from the Katz campaign which enlisted my support.

I have attended several meetings and learned much. The acknowledged experts on this subject are my friends Muriel and Leo Pfeifer whose excellent letter appeared in the Feb. 21 edition of the Great Neck News.

When I learned that Mayor Celender was not seeking re-election, I was ecstatic. Then I learned that Ted Rosen, her deputy mayor for the past two decades was running to fill that post. Rosen has his own baggage as was pointed out by the Pfeifers.

Leonard Katz will do what is necessary to revitalize Great Neck Plaza. He has the intellect, the will, and the desire to hear from his constituents. I urge all Great Neckers to get out and vote on March 18th. Good government begins at the local level.

Dr. Hal Sobel
Great Neck


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