Readers Write: Abortion is an evil act like slavery


Weekly columnist Karen Rubin wrote in the June 7 issue that gun violence takes 33,000 lives a year, and since 1973 (when Roe v. Wade made abortion legal), more lives have been taken by guns than were killed in all our wars fought since 1776. Sad, but true. But why did Rubin fail to also tell us that the number killed by guns every year is roughly the number of babies killed by abortion every two weeks?

In the same issue of the paper, a letter to the editor argues for a “woman’s right to have an abortion.” She calls the unborn baby a “potential life.” A “potential life” is one that does not yet exist. Every one of us spent the first nine months or so of our lives in our mother’s womb. And, yes, we were indeed “a human life” living and growing in our mother’s body. Today, these are indisputable biological facts. Science tells us that human life begins at conception, and this new life first grows in the mother’s womb. That’s how nature and nature’s God designed it.

To see so many today, including a nurse, claim every woman has the “right to decide whether to terminate the life of her unborn child” is as sad as it must have been two centuries ago when many Americans defended the right to own a slave and treat that person as property. While we do not judge a woman who decides to kill her unborn child, we as a nation should judge the act of abortion as evil and deal with it as we finally did slavery.

Elizabeth Russo

Port Washington


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