Readers Write: Another vote for Zielenziger


I have known David Zielenziger for over 15 years.  I have come to know him as someone who, first and foremost, cares.  He cares about what is best for the village, for the library, for us all. 

Zielenziger is knowledgeable about the workings of institutions like libraries and governments. He lives by the power of words; their importance, their usage, their preservation; that is why he cares so much about what is best for the library. 

Zielenziger is a writer who keeps alive the values of scholarship and education; and he understands the vital role the library plays in these areas, and indeed, village life as a whole.  

If you are looking for a qualified trustee — one who will take political games out of decision making, one who values… books and reading and learning… a trustee who spends his life informing us and working at bettering life on this peninsula — vote David Zielinziger for library board trustee.

Sam Yellis

Great Neck


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