Readers Write: Bail reform in New York endangers seniors


Bail reform in New York State has taken a bad turn that endangers all of us.

This is especially true for senior citizens like myself and other citizens, who can’t protect ourselves against violent repeat offenders who are released without bail and free to attack again.

A case in point and I will not mention names so as not to glorify their actions but recently a bank robber who was arrested many times and including four Chase banks in Manhattan and released without posting bail.

Then there was a homeless man who attacked a woman and knocked out one of her teeth and was arrested and then released without bail.

He then a few days later was arrested for aggressive panhandling and again was released without bail being posted.

Now according to reports he was arrested again and placed in a mental hospital for evaluation. This no bail for those breaking the law, I find quite troubling and quite scary.

As a senior, I worry about being attacked by a repeat offender who is released without bail and free to commit the same or different crimes again.

In my opinion, New York is slowly becoming a most dangerous place to live. I feel our mayor, governor and government officials really don’t care.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.



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