Readers Write: Board panders to Likud supporters


Once again the Town of North Hempstead board has overstepped its local governance responsibilities.

Someone should remind Supervisor Judy Bosworth and her board that they are not members of the Likud party, nor are they members of the U.S. State Department.

I thought they had gotten such grandiose feelings out of their systems after they published an open letter in opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement.

At that time they preferred supporting the Israeli prime minister over the U. S. president.

Your April 7 story headlined, “Town bans contracts with Israel boycotters,” reveals how the grandiosity has reappeared. I, who have always supported Israel but oppose apartheid, protest this decision.

You report that “The town did not contract with any companies that boycott Israel before the legislation passed.”

Therefore, the vote can only be properly seen as a pander to local Likud supporters; one that at the same time disenfranchises those of us who disagree.

Robert D. Adams

Great Neck


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