Readers Write: Can Wu be trusted as mayor of VGN?


Can we really trust James Wu to be our future mayor and put him in charge of Village of Great Neck finances? 

This is the person who furnished false documentation and information to the NYC Campaign Finance Board.

He was caught for 10 campaign violations.  The NYC Campaign Finance Board issued to James Wu (current mayoral candidate for the Village of Great Neck) fines for 10 campaign violations after his unsuccessful campaign for a seat on the City Council of NYC in 2009.

He was fined $18,000 for these violations, which he never paid (according to a recent article by Great Neck News).

Count 10 of his violation was for: 

Intentionally furnishing false documentation and information.

Campaigns may not intentionally or knowingly furnish false documentation or information to the Board. [Code § 3-711(3)].

The campaign reported receiving a $20,030 loan from Thomas Wu on Sept. 2, 2009, and submitted a notarized loan agreement, dated Sept. 2, 2009. However, this amount was never deposited into the Campaign’s bank account. The Campaign made subsequent payments to Thomas Wu, in 2009 and 2011, totaling $20,030.”

While running as a candidate for mayor of Great Neck, recently, Mr. Wu blamed his accountant for an accounting mistake which is at odds with the findings of the NYC Campaign Finance Board.

Dr. Joshua Ishal, Great Neck


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