Readers Write: Civic scholarship a good idea


Due to the fact that I am a long-time resident of New Hyde Park, and a Lakeville Estates Civic Association member,  I found your March 10 interview with President Bill Cutrone of the LEAC  particularly interesting.

The concept of a scholarship for a student who has shown a civic commitment to our new Hyde Park community can bode nothing but well for all of us.

As New Hyde Park becomes more diverse in population, this affords an opportunity to teach all our young people (as well as our elders)  to live and learn with their fellow students and neighbors.

Hopefully, some of the energy that comes with diversity (sometimes a different slant on a problem or new ideas) can be channeled and  used by all of us into a sense of community pride.

I urge all my fellow residents both old and new to become members of LEAC,  and get involved as much as you are able.

My compliments to Bill Cutrone,  and all the board members, who give their time and effort for the betterment of our new Hyde Park community.

Jack Benigno

New Hyde Park


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