Readers Write: Congratulations Islanders for arena OK

Readers Write: Congratulations Islanders for arena OK

One of the noblest traditions in sports is hockey’s handshake line after the Stanley Cup is decided. After a long season and an intense and grueling postseason, the two opponents put aside their sometimes acrimonious relations to embrace each other for bringing out the best in each other.

Everyone from the vanquished team then surrenders the ice to the victorious team, reluctantly yet gracefully.

So it is in that spirit, that as a member of the Floral Park Belmont Task Force I congratulate the NY Islanders for being able to receive the unanimous approval from the NY ESD Board of Directors.

The resident volunteer members fought the good fight with the support of their 16,000 neighbors, many making tremendous sacrifices and they left it all out on the ice. Surely the NY Islanders must admit that their project is a much better one because of the passionate involvement of the hosting communities.

So like the greatest generation who gave us the example of lifting and rebuilding eastern Europe, it is hoped that the hosting communities and the Islanders will put down their sticks and gloves and embrace each other in the goal of being the best of neighbors and friends rather than worst of bitter enemies.

If the Islanders and Rangers can live in the same neighborhood surely the hosting communities can too.

So as someone who proudly wore the captain’s jersey as Floral Park mayor for six seasons, let me be the first in line to start the handshake line for us all.

Thomas Tweedy

Floral Park

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  1. Congratulations, you found an islander fan who happened to be a former mayor to write a fluff piece to represent multiple neighborhoods who dont necessarily feel the same way.

  2. Well said and thank you for being so gracious. You said it best. Unfortunately many of your teammates don’t and will never feel that way but in the interest of the islanders. The overall well-being of Nassau and Long Island. This project was needed. I believe this may be the first project to benefit the younger generation we so desperately need to keep and bring here. I’ve been here for 45 years of my life and this is the first time a project came together without the sign saying sunrise assisted living or another unnecessary 55+ community that has turned us into the largest nursing home. Super psyched for this to be built.

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