Readers Write: Curran right to defend Roosevelt statue


I would like to praise Nassau County Executive Laura Curran for refusing to take down a statue of Theodore Roosevelt and renaming the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building in Mineola. There is too much of a move to take down and destroy famous people of our nation who made our nation what it is today.

We have much yet to do and that is the fight against racism. But attacking a past president and governor of New York who did his best for our nation is just wrong. As Laura Curran said, “Teddy Roosevelt established the United States as an enduring world power, introduced consumer protection as a critical function of government, pioneered our national park system and the cause of environmental conservation.”

Well, I agree 100 percent. That is why I applaud Laura Curran for standing up for what is right. If Teddy Roosevelt was alive, he would say,” Bully, job well done.”  As for myself I would someday like to meet Laura Curran and thank her for standing up for what is right. As a point of interest, my father Frederick R. Bedell Sr. told me that the first president he voted for as a young man was Teddy Roosevelt.

Frederick R.Bedell Jr.



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