Readers Write: Democrats threaten to destroy our government

Readers Write: Democrats threaten to destroy our government

Traditional America is under attack. Republicans, Democrats and Independents “lend me your ears. I fear that most of you have not read the 110-page Communist Manifesto that is the policy of the Democratic Party, or should I say of Bernie Sanders and his ilk. All of the institutions of our great country are slated to be destroyed and it is important that we all understand the ramifications of these actions should they occur.

I do not care what party you support, it should frighten all of us.

  1. The Supreme Court, our third branch of government, is there to protect all of our rights under the Constitution.  It is supposed to interpret the Constitution when deciding cases and not be political.  Judges should be chosen on whether they promise to do that and should not be deciding cases on ideology. Realistically, we know that they are selected in the hopes that they will lean one way or the other but many have voted with opponents in multiple cases that have come before them. Stacking the Supreme Court with judges of a political persuasion will destroy its unbiased persona and there will be no place to go to plead your case.  It will destroy the court and make it a leftist branch of the Democratic Party.  There will not be a Constitution to protect our rights anymore as the court can overrule and change everything in it. That should scare all of us. That is why Joe Biden will not answer the question.  Kamala Harris said that she was willing to consider packing the court in an interview last year. If you are a Democrat and do not agree with what your party is proposing, it won’t matter what you think, your power will be gone, too.

2. The Electoral College is there to give every part of the country representation in our            federal government. If this is eliminated, as the Democrats have been threatening, and      a simple majority becomes the law, the only people who will be represented are the            large states with big city populations  The farmers in Middle America, the workers in oil      and gas producing states and all other citizens not in the cities will be cut out of the            process.  No need to even campaign there because their votes will no count.

3.  Making Puerto Rico and Washington, DC states has been threatened by the Democratic       Party if they gain control of theSenate and keep the House this Nov. 3.  In doing that,         they will be able to add senators to the Senate that will probably vote Democratic.

4.  Ending the filibuster  If the above action is taken and the filibuster is done away with,         the minority party will have nothing in their arsenal to use against laws that they               disagree with. It will completely destroy the Senate and what the founding                         fathers created to protect all Americans from tyranny and one party rule.

The actions, cited above, will forever change the government that has served us well since our creation.  None will occur under Trump and our government will be preserved.  I am researching the 110-page policy that is on Joe Biden’s website and will discuss it in my next letter as the number of words permitted each week is limited

In response to the Blank Slate editors who objected to my calling BLM and Antifa terrorists in my letter last week, let me give you the definition of terrorist as per Oxford languages: “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the

pursuit of political aims.”  I smiled when I read that you quoted FBI Director Christopher Wray’s denial that Antifa is an organized group.  I was not born yesterday.  When you get in touch with your comrades and plan to meet up and destroy property with bats, weapons and to attack innocent people you are organized.  You did not just happen to show up, clear across the country by chance.  As far as I am concerned, BLM fits the definition of terrorists perfectly. Christopher Wray has been smack dab in the middle of the cabal in the FBI and CIA who were behind the Russian Collusion Hoax and I question his lack of delving into this case when it was going on.

He has yet to prove to me that he is above the fray.

Gayle Palmer

Williston Park


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  1. Your far right interpretation is nothing new. Let me counter with a more realistic viewpoint:
    1- The Supreme Court is now political thanks to Mitch McConnell. Had ne not removed the requirement for 60 senators to approve there would be a greater possibility of a more moderate being confirmed. Because of him all you need is 50 votes so the party in the minority has no say.
    2-The Electoral College is outdated and you know that. Why should someone’s vote in Montana be worth more than a New Yorker’s? Rural vs. Urban? Why not coastal vs. Inland, or northern vs. southern? One person one vote. I’m sorry if you do not believe in democracy.
    3-DC and PR. If they are subject to the laws of the US then they should have an equal say in their representation. You disagree only because they will be democratic leaning not because it would be unjust.
    4- Again, McConnell’s removal of the 60 vote for SCOTUS shows he is willing to change the laws of Congress for partisan reasons, so why do you complain if the Democrats want to do the same?
    And if you are complaining about Antifa and BLM why not add the alt-right militias who have done a lot more harm and violence to America?

  2. Roger,
    Opinions are like paper currency, try facts they are like gold.
    In response to items, 1 & 4, it was former Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid who led the chamber in eliminating the 60-vote majority needed to vote on most presidential nominations.
    As for items 2 & 3, like typical bratty sore losers, Progressives/Marxists want to change the rules of the game when they lose a fair election.
    Do we really need to honor the two greatest welfare states in the free world with stars on our flag?
    In conclusion, on December 22, 1919 far left anarchists Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman and 247 immigrant socialists, communists, and anarchists were deported to Finland using the Anarchist Exclusion Act and its 1918 expansion to deport any non-citizens they could identify as advocates of anarchy or revolution. J. Edgar Hoover wrote while Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman were in prison, “are, beyond doubt, two of the most dangerous anarchists in this country and return to the community will result in undue harm.” Antifa, BLM, far left activist both inside and outside of government, their supporters in academia, and the Goebellists in Media are the great grandchildren of the likes of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman.


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