Readers Write: Dems responsible for plight of blacks in U.S.


They say that every bad thing results in a good thing. Ask any mother who has been through a 20-hour labor!

The same can be said of the criminal behavior of the Marxist-inspired radicals – Antifa and Black Lives Matters – which eclipsed the legitimate outrage that followed the horrific murder of George Floyd by a white policeman, Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis, Minn.

This crime called for reform of the Minneapolis Police Department, which had ignored 18 grievances against Chauvin. But that is not what happened.

Instead, the peaceful protests against this savage act were obliterated by the professionally orchestrated, bountifully financed rampage of the above-mentioned anarchists-cum-terrorists throughout American cities and suburbs, leaving a massive swath of destruction that included dozens of black-owned businesses and dozens of white-owned businesses that employed black citizens.

What a beautiful tribute to George Floyd. God spare all of us such a Memoriam!

However, the good that came out of this disgraceful, destructive, criminal behavior was the willingness of many black conservative commentators and writers to tell the American public what Democrats and their leftist media lackeys have been concealing from the public for decades.

  1. Since the 1960s, the welfare system rewarded single black mothers with lifetime financial support which resulted in every generation since then with fatherless homes. In short, the destruction of the black family. When the mothers worked outside the home to make ends meet, their children were left to the streets to admire the rich pimps, drug pushers and other criminals who became their role models….a doomsday scenario for every child.
  2. Public schools run by Democrat-controlled unions and benefits-infatuated teachers and administrators have allowed generations of illiterate students to “graduate” without the knowledge or skills necessary to be productive members of society, leaving them to earn their way either through lives of crime or welfare dependency.
  3. The result: a disproportionate number of blacks – mostly men – in prison, representing a complete waste of potentially vibrant and contributory lives.

Democrats should be held criminally liable for creating and perpetuating these tragic circumstances.

But now that President Trump enacted the unprecedented prison-reform First Step Act, and created an economy in which black people have enjoyed the highest employment rate in American history – money in their pockets, unlimited opportunity, increased awareness of the slave mentality of the Democrats––which political party will this minority population vote for?

As I said, good comes out of bad.

A black vote of 20 percent, and quite possibly 30 percent for President Trump, will teach the Democrats that even their most cherished “value” – abortion – is not enough to keep the black population loyal to their historically empty promises and innate racism.

Joan Swirsky

Great Neck



  1. You are racist. Plain and simple. Read a book and expand your knowledge of the world so that you can understand your worldview has been hijacked by what I assume is conservative media.

  2. Of course a person self-identifying as “John Smith” would say this vitriolic, slanted, misanthropic diatribe would be “On point”

    WAKE UP!!!

    This troll spews falsehood after falsehood trafficked by the propagandist fascist Fox News, and your publication puts it out there as “truth” … printing this prevarication (AND a two-word affirmation of this filth) reduces your organization to less worthiness than a white-supremacist recruitment pamphlet … CONGRATULATIONS for aiding and abetting the destruction of the nation for which I dedicated twenty years active service in defense of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC, and YOU go ahead and denigrate my dedication by disseminating this DRECK!


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