Readers Write: Divisive letter under my name a dirty trick


A recent article was published in The Island Now challenging Mr. James Wu’s qualifications and accusing the Chinese Association of manipulating Great Neck voters.  Apparently, this open letter was penned by Mandy Lee from Great Neck.

I am Mandy Lee from Great Neck and I did not write this letter.

I am an active member of the Chinese community and the letter does not in any way reflect my political views.  Someone has used my name and my community involvement without my authority to publish this despicable article.  The purpose of the article is clearly trying to divide our community by providing false information and persuade voters.

I have contacted The Island Now to remove the article immediately.

Thank you.

The Real Mandy Lee

Great Neck

Editors note: The original letter was pulled from our website and not published in this week’s print editions after the letter-writer did not respond to email requests to provide further documentation of their identity.


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