Readers Write: Ending DACA a cruel and un-American policy change


In The Wall Street Journal on Aug. 26  the article headline is: “States Push For End To “Dreamer” Program.”

Are they kidding?

This is about 800,000 young people who were brought into the United States as babies or young kids by their illegal or undocumented parents.

So, the DACA program [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] was created to protect them from being deported.

These young people are as American as my children and grandchildren.

They speak English, play high school sports, go to malls, etc. and have little direct contact with the counties their parents came from, such as Mexico.

The article continued: “Some Republicans are hoping to use Democrats desire to protect these young people, often called Dreamers, as a trade for funding Mr. Trump’s promised border wall with Mexico…”.

I never agree with Senator Chuck Schumer on anything except when he said this: “Dreamers are not a bargaining chip for the border wall and inhumane deportation force. Period.”

Not only is it inhumane, it is un-American!

For those Republicans using these kids as pawns in this manner, is disgusting. Hell, I put them, the politicians, in GITMO.

I agreed with President Trump on the wall construction.

However, things have changed.

Since his election, I believe that crossings at the border have decreased by 70 percent.

And since Obama has raised the federal debt limit to $20 trillion from $10 trillion when he took office, and soon to be raised, America had better look at where funds are used better.

And as a very conservative Conservative, I blame not only Obama and the Democrats, but the spineless Republicans in the swamp in D.C.

Have you any idea what the percent of federal budget goes to paying the interest on this federal debt?

It will give you a migraine.

So, we must continue to build a wall where absolutely necessary, use greater technology, such as drones, more border guards, identity natural barriers at the border, etc.

Then evaluate the success and then spend more money, it necessary.

Therefore, do not link the border and DACA.

They are separate subjects.

Let your political leaders know this.

John Messina

East Williston


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